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The secondary real estate has its advantages: the house is already built, the area is habitable, the infrastructure is developed. But the risks when buying an apartment in the secondary market, perhaps even more than in the case of new buildings.

Purchase under false power of attorney

Black realtors do not slumber; their victims can be lonely old people, people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs, orphans. This is their apartment swindlers reissue on front men and put up for sale, the owners are discharged and resettled in the deafness. Since scammers need to act quickly, they usually underestimate prices. Although the low cost of housing is only the first sign for the buyer. You can opt for the best developer sales in Singapore in this matter.

Each apartment in the secondary market has its own history

Begin testing after the privatization of housing. The fact is that in this procedure all those who were registered in the apartment were to participate. And if one of the members of the family has forgotten about the rights, for example, the mother privatized the real estate while the son was serving a sentence, then as a result you will suffer as a buyer. The deal could be declared void due to illegal privatization. Watch out if at the time of the transaction the spouse or spouse of the apartment owner is declared disappeared. An absent relative can appear in a few years and claim their rights to the apartment.

The second reason to be on the alert is sale by proxy. Not only can it be false, so the document still operates until its cancellation. The contract of sale becomes effective only after its registration with the experts. If the seller cancels the power of attorney earlier, then such a transaction may be declared invalid.

The Perfect Funeral Service for You

The sphere of funeral services in recent months has been repeatedly shaken by loud scandals: in early May, the Internet blew video from the cemetery, where local workers, without ceremony, tossed coffins to the ground and in-dumped them with an excavator. And already in June it was found out that the orderlies of the morgue of the city for many years brimmed the relatives of the deceased for hundreds of thousands and even millions of rubles. All these stories make you wonder – what is really going on in the sphere of funeral services? What do its employees keep silent about? And what shocking secrets of funeral affairs are reliably hidden from the townsfolk? You can be good at funeral services Singapore.

To answer these questions, the correspondent met with one of the ritual agents near Moscow who decided to break the “vow of silence” accepted by the people of this profession, and described how the anatomy of the funeral business is actually arranged. We will make a reservation at once – we do not blame any concrete workers of mourning business. But some subtleties of a different world, in our opinion, citizens simply need to know.

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